Saba Discusses Women in Middle East Oil & Gas


In an exclusive interview , Saba Al-Tukmachy, Career Development Manager at the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and a speaker at the Leaders of the Future Summit: Bridging the Gender Gap in Oil & Gas, talks to Oil & Gas IQ’s Editor In Chief, Tim Haïdar, about the opportunities for a woman wanting to embark on a career in the Middle Eastern oil and gas sector. Saba made a successful career change into upstream oil and gas with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) in Dubai, before transitioning to work in a mainly downstream environment at ENOC in 2009.

In the course of her interview, Saba touches on:• The best strategies for addressing the issue of career vs. life-style for females in oil and gas sector
• Best practices for ensuring personal satisfaction, professional growth and promotion of women within the sector
• The importance of implementing incentives to attract females into technical/engineering jobs in oil and gas sector
• Saba’s own personal journey in oil and gas and dispelling the misconceptions of prejudice in the MENA oil sector.

Download the full interview here.

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